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Sept 14 

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Dream Works Academy will provide EduCare for a limited time to help parents provide an
alternative educational child care strategy for their kids in grades K-12.

EduCare is missional child care.

Through EduCare, we offer:

  • A safe and sanitary place for your child to learn.

  • A tutor to help your child stay on track with their education.

  • A fun and creative learning environment.

  • Faith based teaching and wellness/gym classes.


We have two plans:

Option 1: Full Day EduCare

$100.00 per week for the first child, each additional family member is $50 or $25.00 per day for the first child and each additional family member will be $15.

This includes 8 hours of EduCare assistance from 7:30am-5pm, plus meals.

Option 2: One on One Tutoring Assistance

$15.00 per hour

Looking for a job?

If you are looking for a job or a better way to equip yourself for the future, try our certificate career development course.



Here are the details, it is a:

  • Certificate based program.

  • 13 hours

  • $25.00 registration

  • Ages 12 and up


These 13 hours can make the difference between you and your dream dream job.

You ready to go deeper?

20 seated spots and 20 online spots for semester one. 


This is available to teenagers to adults!


Here are the details, it is a:

  • Certificate based program.

  • 9-week format.

  • $200 for books and materials! 

  • Scholarships are available for those who need it. 


Don’t miss out. Jesus grew in wisdom!


And Jesus increased in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and man.

-Luke 2:52 ESV

Sign up here to provide tutoring:

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