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Home School Co-Op

Most homeschool parents think about three things when deciding what is best for their children. 

1) Quality Education

2) Socialization

3) Faith Influence

At Educare, we are providing a Homeschool Co-Op that ensures your child receives a quality education, social networking and skill development in a positive faith based environment. We want  to ensure your child doesn't fall behind and is prepared for life. We believe this is just the support you and your child need for every day or select days.  

"As a teacher of 21 years, I have had the opportunity to teach in many environments and over 2000 different students.  I have taught whole language, direct instruction, reading first, and in the open classroom setting with flexible seating.  What I noticed in all settings, is all students learn differently and some just need extra one on one help.  Through the pandemic, my eyes were opened when I saw the massive struggle the students faced having to learn virtually and face to face.  My heart broke for them and the families.  I wanted to be able to help assist students in any way possible so they could be successful and achieve their goals.  

Homeschool co-op gives students the chance to better tailor their education to fit their individual needs and achieve success. I will continue to use a curriculum that aligns with the NC standards." - Educare Director


  • Home School Co-Op registration fee is $25 ($30 if paid online)

  • $25/day

You can sign up at Dream Works, or print the forms and bring them in. Cash or cards accepted at the front desk.

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